"Knowledge is the driving force behind the information age".

Success in today's "global economy" corporation depends on developing and sustaining a competitive advantage and, in doing so, adapting to rapid changes in client expectations, competitor's innovation, standards, and technology. A key element in a corporation's arsenal is its ability to identify, capture, evaluate, report, and share information assets. The challenge to senior management is in the channeling of collective knowledge to the appropriate corporate members, clients, strategic partners and supply-chain partners in a timely and trusted manner. This means, providing quality corporate and market information to the right persons, at the right time, in the right place, and in the right form.

As global competition increases, corporations need to assure the quality and availability of core information assets. The requirement to share information within and across organization boundaries is a growing requirement. As corporations migrate to virtual supply-chains and/or out-sourced operations, access to the stovepipe and relatively closed IT environments of the past must be opened to an external constituency, in a secure and trusted manner.

Within this rapidly changing global environment, corporations are faced with the challenge of managing and maintaining their corporate knowledge – information, that represents the cornerstone of corporate transaction and decision support systems – and in many cases their corporate advantage.


ASMG focuses on developing its clients' ability to effectively manage the integration, support and maintenance of their information and knowledge management systems. There are numerous technologies and standards evolving within the information management (IM) and information technology (IT) domains, each attempting to address the integration of Information Systems. These evolving technologies provide many advantages over home grown solutions however, they also provide many challenges and risks as well. ASMG helps its clients assess the capabilities and weaknesses of these standards and technologies and determine their applicability to the client's environment and needs over the short, medium and long term. ASMG always concentrates on:

  1. First, identifying, capturing and maintaining clients requirements for IM integration.

  2. Second, analyzing the ability of the client to support and maintain the selected technology beyond its initial implementation.

  3. Third, developing the process for assuring that identified requirements are delivered during the implementation of the information system integration.

  4. Getting out in a timely and professional manner! (leaving your company/group fully empowered to produce.)

ASMG adopted this focus because:

  1. An inability to manage requirements is the number one reason for the failure of IM/IT projects (almost 80% failure rate) to deliver the required functionality, on-time, and/or on-budget.

  2. Numerous studies indicate that the support, upgrade and maintenance costs for IM/IT can exceed 10-times the development or implementation costs.

  3. ASMG's experience providing independent verification and validation (IV&V) and requirement based testing services indicate that implementing these types of processes reduce the overall cost of project and dramatically improve its probability of success.


The Information Challenge i.e. the 7 Reasons

  1. ASMG provides a group of senior consultants from a wide range of IT and engineering disciplines (e.g., Military and, aerospace, telecommunications and IT). These consultants combine their extensive knowledge and experience to address the changing needs of the IT community by adapting the best practices from their different engineering and management disciplines to individual client needs. Specifically, the ASMG Principals have specialized training and experience in management and engineering disciplines, including:


  1. ASMG provides a comprehensive range of consulting, training, management and engineering services to assist clients develop and manage their information and knowledge management systems.

  2. Paramount to each initiative undertaken by ASMG is the transfer of technology and knowledge to our client. This focus is based on ASMG's member's experiences as clients and their direct understanding of the importance of this transfer to the success of an IM/IT implementation. Within the scope of information system integration, ASMG concentrates on supporting and transferring knowledge in the areas of:


  1. ASMG leverages the best capabilities of the client's existing assets. ASMG does not seek new technology for the sake of technology. All additions of technology must coincide with an identifiable return on investment (ROI) or meet an identified requirement established by the client.

  2. ASMG has extensive experience leveraging the information captured as part of Information Management (IM) architecture, systems engineering, software engineering, , tools to facilitate the long term support of the IM environment and the life-cycle support of the information systems and integration. ASMG provides coaching and direct assistance in the development of a corporate Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, with a.planned tailoring of these infrastructures to corporate, department and/or project requirements. ASMG endeavors to ensure that methods, tools, techniques and standards chosen support the existing culture and infrastructure, as well as the short and long-term expectation. ASMG products and services enable clients to develop, deploy and maintain strategic information technologies able to adapt to evolving business conditions.

  3. ASMG and its partners provide a wide range of consulting support services to organizations in the process of establishing or expanding an internal quality management capability. ASMG has extensive experience in implementing and executing system and software quality programs to both military and commercial standards (e.g. SQA – ISO 9001/9002, ISO 9000, IEEE, AQAP, NASA, ESA, CMM/SEI, DOD and MIL development and quality standards). The team focuses on the design and implementation of software support infrastructure (i.e., policies, practices, procedures, tools and training) to ensure that software systems developed or acquired by the organization meet defined needs, objectives and requirements. ASMG builds on its experience to tailor a QA program that delivers reliable, maintainable and cost-effective systems.

  4. Often IT departments are not prepared for or do not provide provision for the complexity of expanding technologies, the capture and maintenance of data from multiple methodologies, and/or the management and integration of multidisciplinary development teams (e.g., business analysts, systems engineers, software engineers, data architect, network engineers, test engineers, etc.). ASMG deals specifically in bonding all these elements together successfully using corporate knowledge. Our approach leaves the compnay with a inter-connected/inter-operating team for a more successful future.


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