The Inukshuk are magnificent figures of stone, erected by the Inuit people throughout the Canadian northern landscape. These exceptional figures, unique to the Canadian Arctic, are used to mark high points of land, good hunting areas and a safe way home (a guide). Though they rely on a similar architecture, each Inukshuk is unique made by, and for, a specific locale. The Inuits have been building Inuksuits (plural) for thousands of years.

The Inukshuk is a symbol of trust and reassurance for those who travel across the vastness of the Arctic. For centuries these stone figures have guided travelers and pointed to the best and safest passages, land or water. Solid guardians keeping constant vigil, providing direction and guiding the way.

The Inukshuk is a constant reminder of a presence in our environment.

The Inukshuk also acts as a reminder of our dependence on one another and the value of strong relationships.

Why the Inukshuk in our logo?

ASMG wanted to integrate a symbol that reflects its corporate culture and work practices.

Inukshuks were created to show clear direction ...

They stand as symbols of leadership, encouraging the importance of cooperation/companionship ...

The Inukshuk embodies a sense of presence of ASMG in the environment and community, with our clients at the canter of our corporate vision ...

The Inukshuk does in some cases appear to resemble a UML actor.

The actor/User being an important component of a successful and complete system.

This fits our product and professional services mind set.

If one is interested in more information here are two books that may provide you more information.

The Inuksuk Book By Mary Wallace 1999 published by Greey de Pencier Books inc.
ISBN 1-895688-90-6 (bound), ISBN 1-895688-91-4 (pbk.) – Inuksuit by Norman Hallendy
published by Douglas & McIntyre Ltd. ISBN 1-555054-778-x (bound)
In case you are wondering Inuksuit is the plural form of Inukshuk.




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